Lunchbox Love Notes


Transform lunchtime into a heartwarming ritual with our Lunchbox Love Notes . Crafted with care, these mini treasures are the secret ingredient for nourishing not just the body, but the soul too.

🌈 What's Included:

  • A set of 30 pocket-sized cards filled with affirmations and messages of love and encouragement.
  • Each card is made with a pop open surprise window to make it fun for the littles.
  • Slip them into your child's lunchbox or backpack to brighten their day.
  • Leave a note on the back specially from you to give it that extra personal touch.
  • Empower your little ones to develop a mindset of gratitude and self-belief, one card at a time.

🥪 Watch as the lunchtime routine becomes an opportunity for connection and positivity. Your children will feel cherished, confident, and ready to conquer the world, one bite at a time.

Homeschooling? No worries! These cards have a ton of different ways to be shared with your kiddos. Here are some ideas:
❤️ Use them as place settings for lunch
❤️ Leave them on the night stand for a quick morning affirmation practice
❤️ Send one in their pockets when they are off to a friends house
❤️ Have them pick a card when they finish their learning for the day
❤️ On their pillow each night for an extra dose of love before they drift off to sleep