We are Love Powered Co.

Our Mission

In every family lies the potential for profound growth and joy. With every affirmation card, moment of mindfulness, and expression of gratitude, we help families ignite lasting change in their lives. Our products are more than tools; they are stepping stones towards mental resilience, emotional empowerment, and a deeper connection within.

Mother sitting with two daughters reading an affirmation card
Photo of two young sisters
Welcome home, to our Love Powered family.

Empowering mindful leaders

At Love Powered Co, we lay the foundation for a future where every voice is empowered and every dream is within reach. By encouraging deep personal connections and fostering an environment of unconditional support, we cultivate a generation equipped to lead with compassion and confidence. Together, we are building a legacy of strength and positivity, ensuring a vibrant future for all.

Core Pillars


Making it easier for you to connect wtih your littles. Through our carefully crafted messages, we help you nurture these bonds, turning everyday interactions into profound experiences that last a lifetime.


Building emotional resilience in our children is more important than ever. We aim to help the next generation of leaders develop the inner strength and self-awareness they need to navigate life’s challenges with grace and confidence.


Creating positive change in just a few minutes a day. By encouraging daily expressions of gratitude, we help you and your loved ones focus on the good, foster a positive outlook, and build a foundation of happiness and contentment.

Mindfulness Cards For Kids Love Powered Co.
women holding three affirmation cards
Building Resilience and Self-Awareness

Why Love Powered?

Our name reflects the core of our mission: to infuse every aspect of life with the transformative power of love.

Love Powered Co. is a non-profit with a powerful messages encourage positive self-talk, build confidence, increase self-worth, and foster a greater sense of self-love. These daily reminders of inner strength and value empower families and individuals to become more mindful and present in each moment, leading to a more fulfilling and connected life.

We believe in giving back to organizations and causes that are aligned with this message.

Pile of affirmation cards being collected
Child holding a box of affirmation cards

Made with Intention

The look, the feel, and the quality of all Love Powered creations will amaze you (trust us). Every element, you will see, has been crafted with loving intention, and with you and your loved ones in mind.