Love Powered Femme Box Set


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What's in the Love Powered Femme Box?

  • Includes 29 POWERS to affirm the greatness within you!
  • + 7 bonus cards to support you on your new affirmation journey
  • This product is luscious, soft, beautiful, cleanable & durable. The quality will amaze you (trust us!). Every element, you will see, was crafted with loving intention, and with you in mind


Customer Reviews

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Fiona T
Love this product

I love the art work and positive affirmations.

Tia Saunders
A must have for any home and classroom!

Everyone from the kids in my Holistic Kids Club, to my daughter and myself.. love these cards! We have the whole set (connection, gratitude, kids affirmation, teen, and the adult love ones). They are engaging as the kids love to pick, hold, read (or have help reading) and learn about all the awesome exercises and words. There is so much heart and care that’s gone into each of these decks which truly sets this brand Love Powered Co. Apart from anything else. Anna one of the founders, is such a beam of radiating light and love that is dedicated to empowering as many women and children she can and these cards are nothing short of that gift, brought into whatever environment you choose. 100/10 recommend. 💖- Tia Saunders, Meraki Kids Club, Penticton B.C.

Heidi Muller

Love Powered Femme Box Set

Sometimes you just need a little push

I have always thought I was a positive person, but along the way doubt and insecurity crept in. A daily reminder, a little push (like these affirmations are) can help so much with tackling the day! Even if it is only something you glance at from time to time, these cards are wonderful reminders that you are amazing and can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Amanda Hunter
So brilliant

I love these cards they are inspiring and lovely.

What's Your Power

Love Powered Co™ is so much more than a company. It's a MOVEMENT. We searched high and low for the perfect products to inspire, motivate and remind ourselves of the POWERS we all have within us. When we couldn't find what we were looking for, we decided to create them. And now, we are spreading the love and making them available to you and yours!