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We envision a world where every individual has a life of fulfillment and joy.

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The power of mindfulness and affirmations in everyday life.

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On a mission to nurture stronger, more connected generations.

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Connect with your little ones in a deeper way through gratitude and mindfulness.

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Powering the next generation of mindful leaders through positive self-talk, confidence, self-love, and self-worth.

Deeper Connections

Designed to inspire emotional empowerment and nurture the unique bond between mother and child

At Love Powered Co™

We believe that mental health is the cornerstone of strong, resilient, joy filled families.

Our mission is rooted in the belief that by empowering families with the tools and resources to cultivate mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness, we can help raise the next generation of leaders who can easily cope with life's challenges, embrace their uniqueness, and develop a deep sense of empathy and compassion towards others.

We envision a world where children grow up with a profound understanding of their emotions, have the ability to communicate openly and honestly while forming lasting connections, and have a sound resilience mentally and emotionally. A world filled with peace, joy, and abundance will be created by the Littles we are raising today.

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Our Core Pillars

We believe in connection, mindfulness, and gratitude.

Why this is a need for all ages.

In a time where we are bombarded with media messages on all that we are missing and where ideas take hold in the snap of a finger, its more important now than ever to create resilience among families. Studies show that use of affirmations result in improved self-esteem, reduced stress and anxiety, reduced negative self-talk, as well as better coping skills and emotional resiliency.

What we love best about an affirmation practice is that when parents create a practice with their children, they too benefit from the activities. Not only do we have a chance to connect and bond, we feel the lasting effect each time we recite these positive affirmations.

"I am such a huge fan of what you guys do. Thank you for the work, and for all the positivity that you are giving this planet!"
— Jaime King @jaime_king
This is a photo of Jaime King
Actor, Activist, Lover, Mama
"When I got the Lover Powered cards for my daughter, I immediately saw the impact on her. When it came to using them myself, I was skeptical. Upon pulling the first card, I was brought to tears. Tears I needed to cry. Feelings I needed to release that I didn't realize I had been holding on to. The Love Powered cards have lended themselves to my ongoing journey in healing and self-love."
— Sarah Nicole @thebirdspapaya
This is a photo of Sarah Nicole Landry
Mother, Writer, Creator, Speaker
"When I first got my Love Powered affirmation cards in the mail I truly wasn't ready for the impact they would have on my life. The daily mantras have women their way into my life and I now use them as a part of my daily self care practice."
— Paul Fishman @paulfishman
This is a photo of Paul Fishman
Self Love Coach, Host of @theselfloveshow Podcast
"A beautiful tool to help the family engage in positive reflection each day. A great tool to bring the family together."
— Cheryl Hickey @cherylhickey
This is a photo of Cheryl Hickey
Host of ET Canada, Host of HFTV Big Home Overhaul, Found of Cheryl Hickey Family
"I have fallen in love with Love Powered Co. and all that they stand for! For my pre-teen daughter and I, their affirmations are as beautiful as they are meaningful, and have become a self-care staple in our home."
— Patrice Washington @seekwisdompcw
This is a photo of Patrice Washington
Motivational Speaker, Wife, Mom, #MoneyMaven
"The power of affirmation is real. When couples with visualization, it becomes an unstoppable force for everyone and anyone to transform their lives and be empowered to be the kindest, most grateful, happiest they can possibly be. With Love Powered Co., we are one step closer to a collective consciousness."
— Kelly Childs @kellychildsxo
This is a photo of Kelly Child and her daughter Erin
Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Cupcake Mogul
"Simple, elegant, and fun! My wife started our daughters on these cards and they've become a vital part of our morning routine."
— Dr. Justin Coulson @drjustincoulson
This is a photo of Dr. Justin Coulson
Parenting Author, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, PhD Positive Psychology

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