Love Powered Teens - Digital Box Set


Is this your first time seeing Love Powered Teens? We encourage you to take a peak at our physical Box Set! These cards are beautiful, luscious, durable, and a magical way for you to connect with your higher self on the deepest level, while leaving your screens at the door! Click HERE to learn more!

What's Included?

  • Affirmations on-the-go!
  • Waiting for the bus. Before a test. In the doctor's waiting room. On a long commute. Standing in line...The Love Powered Teens Digital Version helps you pass the time in a fun and meaningful way!
  • Includes 29 Powers to affirm the greatness within you!
  • + 7 bonus cards to support you on your new affirmation experience

Love Powered Co™ is so much more than the affirmation cards themselves. It's a MOVEMENT. We searched high and low for the perfect guided affirmations for teens. We couldn't find what we were looking for, so we created them, and now we are spreading the love and making them available to you and yours!


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Customer Reviews

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Loving the affirmations

I am a high school math teacher and these affirmations have been a huge hit in my class. Once a week I post one on my interactive white board and I read with the class and allow them to digest it. If they feel like sharing we do so after the math lesson. If not, at least they have positive thoughts before entering the "math world". My only suggestion is making the font a little darker because I have tried printing a few for my nieces and it is hard to get to print right. Otherwise, I adore these! Feelings are usually suppressed in society and we need to encourage more of this! Excited to see what is up and coming. It also follows along with Brene Brown and her work on vulnerability and being brave!