Digital Box Sets



What's Included?

  • Affirmations on-the-go!
  • In the doctor's waiting room. On a long commute. Standing in line...The Love Powered Digital Box Sets helps you pass the time in a fun and meaningful way!
  • Includes 29 Powers to affirm the greatness within you!
  • + 7 bonus cards to support you on your new affirmation experience

Love Powered Co™ is so much more than the affirmation cards themselves. It's a MOVEMENT. We searched high and low for the perfect guided affirmations for littles, teens and women. We couldn't find what we were looking for, so we created them, and now we are spreading the love and making them available to you and yours!


All digital + downloadable products are final sale. As you are sent the file automatically upon purchase, no refunds will be issued.

Customer Reviews

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Beautifully written

Thank you Love Powered, for offering these beautifully written digital downloads to all us in such dire times. You gave me an opportunity to share these with my daughters, and continue to give us hope that love is light. Laws of attraction at its finest. What we put out is what we receive. ❤️ You selflessly shared your beautiful creations with everyone to raise the collective consciousness to a higher vibration and that truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Blessings, love and light! ❤️❤️😇

Wonderful and inspiring!

I was able to receive one of the free digital downloads, and I would still pay for it it's that good! I love how powerful these affirmations make you feel and they are so helpful for manifesting positivity. I am VERY happy with my affirmation cards!


I bought the kids affirmation set and they love it. Got this set for myself during the promotion, and love being able to access them anytime I need a little lift, while at home full time with 3 little ones! What a great gift at a perfect time, thank you!!

Laura Brownwood
Wonderful ❣

Positive Power to guide you through your day/life ❤

Love :)

Received this digital box set during a promotion and I just love how positive and uplifting it is! I'm grateful I stubbled upon this box set when I did, it really helped to keep me focused and moving forward. Also, the layout and design of the whole set is beautiful :)