Umm...we have a little (entrepreneurial) hack we're so excited to share with you! 

Listen, if you're a small business owner, or a mom who sends care packages, or anyone at all who occasionally ships almost anything at know that shipping can be a pain in the box.

We found the secret sauce...

Making shipping easier, and saving us a ton of time (and you know that time is money hunny!!), supplies, and space! 

Let's take a stroll back in time, shall we?

When we were shipping all of our Love Powered orders out of my house. We reached a point in our business quite quickly where we felt like the only thing we were doing was folding boxes, managing shipping supply inventory (ie. oh no, we are out of filler!), cutting, filling, packing, sealing and shipping orders. It took up our WHOLE working day. Efficient? Hardly. 

We WISH we knew about this solution back then.

Drum roll please...

Introducing, Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll! THE shipping solution you need in your life, saving up to 50% of your precious time, while saving you on supplies & space. I meeeeeannnn.... a small business owner's dream!

  1. Roll out the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll
  2. Allow for border, and cut to size
  3. Fold over the item
  4. Press firmly for guaranteed seal (sticks to itself, not your item)
  5. Voila! Ready to ship!

An easier way to ship has arrived! 

And psst....we love this stuff so much, we can't wait for you to try it! Enter our #giveaway on Instagram for your chance to win a pack of 5 Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll! Click HERE to enter!

Love, Lindy & Anna xo


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