When Austen was just a little baby, I stumbled across a viral video during some couch locked nap/nurse/Netflix marathon (*sigh* isn’t your first maternity leave just wonderful?) that I instantly knew would forever change the way I spoke to my kids.

A father and his young daughter stood in front of a mirror while they recited a series of positive “I AM” affirmations. I am strong. I am smart. I work hard. I am beautiful. I am respectful. Each phrase spoken with intent and conviction. And each one reverberating through me with more intensity than the last.

THIS! I thought. THIS is something powerful. THIS is a gift I want to give my children. THIS is how I will teach them to see themselves from within rather than through the perceptions of anyone else.


I’ve always believed in giving my kids as much autonomy and independence as age-appropriately possible. I breastfed on demand and introduced solids through baby-led weaning. I let them take (reasonable) risks and learn from the outcomes. I’ve patiently (and painfully) encouraged them to try and complete tasks on their own. And I’ve tried to allow them space to feel their feelings (including the crazy irrational ones) without invalidation. So why not the same with their words and beliefs about themselves?

Of course I tell my babies all the time that they’re absolutely beautiful, wonderfully unique, and destined for as much greatness as their little hearts can dream up. But eventually the magic of my beliefs about who they are will likely wear off. There will be other influences and opinions in their lives, for the good, and the not-so-good. And that’s what’s really, so powerful about self-directed affirmations.


It’s about the way we talk to ourselves. These words become our beliefs. Our inner voice that reminds us of who we really are at our core, despite any noise that may be going on around us. This is what I want for my kids. To know their own worth and capability from within themselves above ALL. Including me.

So from the time my kids were able to repeat short phrases, I would have them echo beautiful and powerful statements about themselves. I am brilliant. I am kind. I am important. I am capable. The kids had fun with it, and my heart would pretty much explode any time I heard them reciting their affirmations without any prompting. But trying to keep things exciting by coming up with new words, and figuring out how to explain their meaning in a way toddlers could really understand, sometimes presented a challenge.


I wanted something tangible to make it more engaging for the kids, and something structured to help us maintain our affirmation practice as part of our daily routine. And just as effortlessly as that thought entered my mind, a lovely little company called Love Powered Co. popped up right in front of me. Call it fate, call it manifesting, call it an invasion of privacy by our smartphones, but they had EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Box sets of affirmation cards for littles (and even some for me too!), as beautifully made as the words they contain. Each card highlighting a different super power with a series of I AM affirmations and a cute little illustration to give a visual description. And beyond easy to use! Just pull a card from the deck and read out loud.


It’s quickly become one of the kids’ favourite parts of our morning routine (very close second to gummy vitamins) and even when we’re in a rush Austen will adamantly exclaim, “WE CAN’T FORGET OUR SUPER POWERS!!”. They love getting to choose a card and repeating their powers loud and proud. I love the true power they’re learning from these incredible affirmations, and hearing their sweet little voices try and pronounce words like courageous, empathetic, and responsible.

Love Powered affirmation cards have been such a gift to our family that I’m so excited to share! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram, and keep an eye out this week because I may have an early Christmas gift for you!


All photos by Lindsay Hagen Photography
Affirmation cards from
Love Powered Co.


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November 22, 2019 — Erik Melander


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