How many times have you found yourself saying aloud, “I don’t have time to ______…” catch up with friends. Go on a date. Eat well. Do yoga. Read. Get away for the weekend. Invest in myself. Do the things I actually want to do. Run my side hustle.

Hard truth time: yes, you do.

Yes, we live busy lives. Yes, we are constantly striving for balance. Yes, we juggle many responsibilities at once. And for each of those responsibilities, we make time to make them happen, because we make them a priority.

When you change “I don’t have time to” into “I don’t make it a priority to…” the game changes, because not prioritizing something is a different story entirely. Saying any of those examples out loud, ie “I don’t make it a priority to take care of myself / do the things I like / go on dates (this is for singles AND long term couples),” feels icky.

It feels icky, because it’s very likely that your values are each of those things, and when you admit and own that you aren’t prioritizing that which you value, it causes much dissonance for your brain.

The great thing is that you can change this – and you can change it right now. It tends to be the busiest of all who have the most dynamic lives, and it’s because they’ve committed to make the time for what’s important to them. You can do this too, it’s a matter of – ouch – choosing to do so.

You do not need to attempt to do it all; that’s it’s own brand of difficulty. The objective is to make time for the things that matter to YOU, rather than hide behind the veil of not having enough time. Hiding behind “I don’t have time to…” lets us off the hook cognitively, but it’s also being dishonest with ourselves.

Play. Love. Self-care. Joy. Pleasure. Health. Focus. Calm. Fun. Growth. Cardio. Flip leisurely through coffee table books. Hike. Fool around. Girls’ night. Cabin weekend. Running. Crafts. Boxing. Karaoke with friends. Road trip. Travel. Taking the course. One on one time with each kid. Volunteering. Cooking. Reading.  Asking for help. Painting.

What do you love to do that you haven’t allowed yourself the time to do recently?

Let your life be purpose driven, every action fuelled with intention. It’s yours, after all, and yours to live in the way that feels good to you, not to anyone else’s expectation of you. 

Take a minute set your intention for the week ahead. Write it down. Start your day by checking in with your intention, and it will guide you. And if you feel at all overwhelmed, underwhelmed, anxious, crazy busy, lost, or unsure, come back to your intention for the week and it will anchor you. It’s a mindset hack that works like a charm, and will help you triage all the priorities in your life, so that you can get clear and confident on what takes precedence.

Don’t forget to play. Even while you’re busy building your empire. Actually, especially then. Allow yourself the freedom you find when you change “I don’t have time to” into “I don’t make it a priority to,” and be very honest about how you wish to spend your time.

Meet The Author
Leisse Wilcox is a professional human and real-life adult. Her entire experience has been about coming home to her truest self, and to call herself beloved. 
She is a passionate writer, speaker, coach, mother of three, and taco enthusiast. She celebrates and lives a quiet, simple, and rich life with her family and friends in a tiny beachfront town; She knows what it takes to bridge the gap between how you feel and how you know you want to feel, and dedicates her life to guiding you through that process.
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June 06, 2019 — Lindy Sood


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