Connection Cards for Kids


Go beyond 'How was school?' with these growth mindset conversation starters the whole family can enjoy!


Flip a card. Answer the question. Engage in meaningful discussions around kindness, love, gratitude, expansion, imagination, and so much more! 

Chat it out. Laugh it up. Discuss. Engage. Enjoy!

Research shows that engaging in thoughtful conversation with children helps to strengthen relationships, and encourages them to think of new ideas, develop questions, solve problems, make decisions, and grow their social skills.

What's In The Box?

  • Includes 70 cards that will elevate your conversations...for your littles (and YOU!)
  • 5 Categories: Growth Mindset, Imagination Station, Dream Big, Magical Me, All The Feels
  • + 2 bonus cards to support you (the parent!) on your new conversation adventure!
  • This product is luscious, soft, beautiful, cleanable & durable. Every element was crafted with loving intention with you and your littles in mind

Love Powered Co™ is so much more than a company. It’s a MOVEMENT. We searched high and low for the perfect conscious products curated for the mindful family, and when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to create them. And now, we are spreading the love and making them available to you and your family!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ana Estrela


Shelly Dua
Highly recommended

These cards are the perfect conversation starters for children of all ages! I am an Occupational Therapist who curates subscription boxes for children of all abilities including those with special needs. We included these cards in our boxes this month and the feedback was nothing but positive. Some of our subscribers have regulation issues or communication difficulties and these cards have had such a positive impact. Not to mention the cards are just beautiful and great quality. Love from the KiddieCube team!

Sandy De Abreu

My girls LOVE the connection cards. We do them everyday after dinner.

Exactly what kids need right now!

The children are not ok. Where I live we have a children’s mental health crisis. These cards are a lifesaver! They allow the child to use their imagination and showcase their thoughts and ideas. Connection is critical for our health and these cards give kids an outlet to express themselves. My ten-year-old daughter loves them and asks for our connection card time daily. Lastly, they always bring hugs, smiles and laughter. THANK YOU!

Nadia Bullock

Absolutely LOVE these empowering and beautiful cards!!