"Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood are on a mission to empower children to become mindful leaders through  positive affirmations."

By Julia Migné

Recently, we were fortunate enough to participate in an interview with Inkline and Julia Migné. We highlighted the fundamentals of why we started Love Powered Co. and more importantly why we feel it is imperative for people to start practicing mindfulness now​. Self-worth, self-confidence, and positive thinking are essential to living a full and happy life and essential to teaching our kids to do the same. “People are craving it and so one of our big visions is to make positive affirmations mainstream, to make that deeper connection a core priority in the home and really to explode in the mindfulness realm because as humans we are all just craving to go back to basics.” We also touched on our 'Gift Love' program, which gifts a teacher a digital version of our affirmation cards every time a box is purchased on our website. For information about this program, click here.  Teachers are in contact with our littles as much as we are, so we feel it is important to share our beliefs in the power of positivity with them. We are so happy to share our vision of Love Powered Co. with the world and are thankful for all of the support we have received from you all.


January 19, 2018 — Lindy Sood

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